2024: Philosophy of Economics. Master Course. PPE program @ HHU Düsseldorf, Germany.

2024: Philosophy of Economics. Lecture Course (BA). PPE program @ HHU Düsseldorf, Germany.

2024: Reasoning and Argumentation. Topics in Informal Logic and Decision Theory, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. (Teaching and coordination).

2024: Models of the Human. Topics in Action Theory. Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

03/2023–Invited Teacher at the Ph.D. Seminar “Scientific Collaboration” at the University of Milan, Italy.

07/2022–Invited Teacher at the International Rationality Summer Institute 2022, July 24 – August 5, Landau, Germany.

2022 Spring Semester: Philosophy of The Social Sciences. Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies, University of Bologna.

2015–2022: Business Ethics (Teaching and coordination. Courses with ca. 500 students)

2019–2022: History of Economic Thought (Teaching modules in economic methodology/ philosophy of economics)

01/2018: module on Norm Change for the Philosophy Winter School on Uncertainty, Disagreement and Conflict at the University of Groningen

01/2017: module on Understanding Economic Models for the Philosophy Winter School on Justice, Democracy and Rationality at the University of Groningen

12/2016: Masterclass in Social Epistemology (with Miles MacLeod) for doctoral students organized by the University of Groningen

2015: Social Norms Across Disciplines: Rational Choice Theory, Behavioral Economics, Moral Psychology, University of Helsinki

2014: Social Norms and Epistemic Values, University of Helsinki

2013: Causality and Explanation, Teaching Assistant, University of Munich

2012: Philosophy of Science, Teaching Assistant, University of Munich

2010-2011: Experts in a Complex Society, Teaching Assistant, Tilburg University

2009: Rationality, Teaching Assistant, Tilburg University