I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of GroningenFaculty of Economics and Business. I have recently been elected Board Member of the International Network for Economic Method and I am am a Board Member of the Centre for Philosophy, Politics & Economics at the University of Groningen. Since 2016, I am an Associate Member of the Centre for the Philosophy of the Social Science, University of Helsinki.

Before moving to Groningen, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Helsinki, (2014-2016) and a Research Fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, University of Munich (2012-2013). I completed my PhD at the Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science in October 2013.

My primary research interests are in general philosophy of science, philosophy of economics and social philosophy.

For an overview of my research, here is an interview that I had with 3:AM Magazine.
To download my CV as a pdf file click here.


My paper “Reflections on the 2019 Nobel Memorial Prize Awarded to Banerjee, Duflo, and Kremer” (2020) is now out for the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics and available open access here.

Together with Magdalena Małecka, I am organizing a panel session titled “Is economic policymaking based on economic research?” for the ASSA annual meeting in Chicago, 3-5 January 2021.

Together with Jan-Willem Romeijn, I am organizing a conference titled “The Ins & Outs of Science: From Science to Policy and Back”. The conference, which will take place at the University Groningen, has been moved to June 2021.